The Handyman, by John Elray
ISBN  978-1-938369-05-6
e-book, 147 pages

Eleven satirical short stories from veteran author John Elray. Wickedly funny and irreverent. Available only on; Contains: Part 2 – God Returns In His UFO; Hanguk Yoja Bangu Hato Club; The Handyman; The Resurrection; Twenty Chimps On A Plane; The Earwax Fairy; High Impact; Welcome To Red Square; Jackpot; When We Were Monkeys; and Meet The Antichrist.       More...         Buy now!

Pattaya Beach, by John Elray
ISBN  978-0-9707776-9-0
e-book, 242 pages

Fah, a twenty-two year-old farm girl from Thailand's rural northeast has moved to Pattaya City to do the one thing that has any hope of bringing her decent money – work in the sex trade. Her goal: land a well to do foreigner who can deliver her and her family from a subsistence life. Ed, a recent arrival from America, looks like he might just be the one. What Fah doesn’t know, however, is that Ed is a deeply disturbed man who has traveled to Thailand to kill his nemesis, Bill (Fah's employer), in retaliation for an imagined betrayal. What Ed doesn't know is that he's about to fall in love – and that's when all the trouble begins.       More...         Buy now!

Khalifah, by John Elray
ISBN  0-9707776-2-0
Softcover and e-book, 336 pages

A forced Muslim convert defies all odds to become the supreme ruler of an empire that stretches from Egypt to Persia in this drama which pits Arab against Arab during the Muslims' rise to power in the seventh century AD.       More...         Buy now!

The Caliph, by John Elray
ISBN  960-04-2560-4
Softcover, 448 pages

Khalifah, Greek Translation - Kedros Publishers, Athens.       More...         Buy now!

You Thought You Had It Bad, by John Elray
ISBN  978-1-938369-04-9
e-book, 127 pages

Ten darkly humorous short stories from veteran author John Elray. Wickedly funny and irreverent. Available on and; Contains: Part 2 – God Returns In His UFO; Hanguk Yoja Bangu Hato Club; The Resurrection; Twenty Chimps On A Plane; The Earwax Fairy; High Impact; Welcome To Red Square; Jackpot; When We Were Monkeys; and Meet The Antichrist.       More...         Buy now!

Lost and Found in Thailand, by Sal Chong
ISBN  978-0-9707776-0-7
Softcover and e-book, 88 pages

Sal Chong is in a world of hurt living with his future ex-wife in San Jose California. His life is in a rut and he's desperate for a change. He discovers that his friends Tyrone, Veejay and Kato are planning a junket to Thailand and finagles himself an invitation to what will be a landmark and life-changing journey.       More...         Buy now!

Apocalypse Now ...Grab The Karaoke Machine!, by Ed Tasca
ISBN  978-0-9707776-8-3
e-book, 339 pages

Two opposing factions seek to possess a mutant strain of bacteria that can store and replicate their religious credo, in perpetuity, while simultaneously bringing on a horrific plague that would usher in the end times. Author Ed Tasca takes you on a wild and often comic ride as heroine Virginia Soderberg and her thorn-in-the-side over-sexed partner, investigative journalist Bruno Turchi, hopscotch from calamity to near global catastrophe trying to unravel a web of clues and figure out who’s taking drastic, violent measures to obtain the monster bacteria and what they plan to do with it.       More...         Buy now!

Gods Of The Cataclysm, by Hugh Fox
ISBN  978-0-9707776-6-9
e-book, 319 pages

Hugh Fox was connecting the dots on contacts between the ancient cultures long before recent evidence surfaced to support his theories. In GODS OF THE CATACLYSM, Fox weaves a fascinating story, in classic who-done-it style, that takes the reader on a fantastic voyage through the ages and across the continents to prove his point that the earliest civilizations of the America's were much more than we previously thought.       More...         Buy now!

Love's Enduring Circle, by Susan C. Groome
ISBN  978-0-9707776-5-2
e-book, 325 pages

In Ancient China, the Emperor’s daughter Luyuan falls in love with her childhood friend, Li, unaware that he's already in love with another. Fueled by a vicious jealousy, Princess Luyuan is determined to separate the couple and will stop at nothing, including murder, to do so.       More...         Buy now!

The Late, Great Thor McHugh, by William Bryan Smith
ISBN  978-1-938369-03-2
e-book, 410 pages

Lucy Glass had often dreamed of the father she'd never known, imagining he was a world-famous surgeon or perhaps an airline pilot. What she didn't expect was that he was Thor McHugh, an aging, self-absorbed Bigfoot hunter.       More...         Buy now!

Thai Kiss, by Matt Carrell
ISBN  978-1-938369-02-5
e-book, 276 pages

So many people want a share of Paul Murphy's success, but when greed prevails and these others get tired of sharing, it's Paul's liberty and life itself that are on the line.       More...         Buy now!

Thai Lottery... and Other Stories from Pattaya, Thailand, by Matt Carrell
ISBN  978-1-938369-01-8
e-book, 383 pages

Sarai wasn’t like the other go-go dancers. She knew that a few thousand pounds a year would be enough to take care of her whole family, but Sarai wasn’t dancing just to send money home every month. She had discovered that selling tickets for the illegal Thai Lottery was more dangerous than she could ever have imagined, and now she owed a great deal of money that could cost Sarai her life. Thai Lottery and twelve other short stories are contained in this intriguing debut work. An insightful must read, whether you're a seasoned traveler to Thailand or embarking on your first trip to the Land of Smiles.       More...         Buy now!

Grungia... A Satire, by Jan Drabek
ISBN  978-1-938369-00-1
e-book, 215 pages

A Czech born umbrella salesman leaves his home in the U.S. to teach English in Prague, only to be conscripted into being the Czech ambassador to the fictional country of Grungia. What ensues is a three year odyssey for Bart Kobylka and his wife Ginny in the African republic, where an inexperienced and incredulous Bart finesses his way through diplomatic quagmires and exposes corrupt, incompetent and sometimes imbecilic personages for what they really are… corrupt and incompetent imbeciles.       More...         Buy now!

Meet The Antichrist, by Melynie T. Gibson
ISBN  978-0-9707776-4-5
e-book, 92 pages

Freelance journalist Melynie T. Gibson outs the living Antichrist in this satirical bio/memoir that will have you riveted to the page, and in stitches, from start to finish.       More...         Buy now!

Vintage Maddog, by Robert Scott McKinnon
ISBN  978-0-9707776-3-8
E-book, 240 pages

Maddog McDermutt, the world’s greatest retired-to-the-pen Greyhound trainer, first appeared on the pages of The Greyhound Review many years ago. Maddog offered its readers all kinds of advice on a regular basis and provided them a steady diet of satirical short stories that continue to be sought after to this day. True to form, Vintage Maddog presents sixteen of the best of these classic and irreverent adventures as told by the master himself from the heyday of Greyhound racing.       More...         Buy now!

Missing Link, by Belle Beuckus
Softcover, Approx. 400 pages

A forensic anthropologist takes what appears to be a wrong turn down the human evolutionary trail only to discover the key to mankind’s existence.
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