You Thought You Had It Bad, by John Elray
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What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Twenty Chimps on a Plane… and the nine other darkly humorous short stories contained in John Elray's latest work, You Thought You Had It Bad. Funny and irreverent, You Thought You Had It Bad is guaranteed to make you think twice about drawing that razor blade across your wrist, chambering that bullet, or making a meal of your bottle of sleeping pills. You'll want to stick around if for no other reason than to read Volume 2 (coming soon!). Hilarious, and well worth forgoing today's Big Mac lunch to buy it. After all, laughter is by far the best medicine. Contains: Part 2 – God Returns In His UFO; Hanguk Yoja Bangu Hato Club; The Resurrection; Twenty Chimps On A Plane; The Earwax Fairy; High Impact; Welcome To Red Square; Jackpot; When We Were Monkeys; and Meet The Antichrist.

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