Apocalypse Now ...Grab The Karaoke Machine!, by Ed Tasca
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Virginia Soderberg didn't ask to be a spy. In fact, she wasn't, but try and tell that to the two opposing factions who seek to possess a mutant strain of bacteria that can store and replicate their religious credo, in perpetuity, while simultaneously bringing on a horrific plague that would usher in the end times. Such is the state of affairs in Ed Tasca's witty and surreal new novel, Apocalypse Now… Grab The Karaoke Machine! Jump on for a wild and often comic ride as Virginia and her thorn-in-the-side over-sexed admirer, investigative journalist Bruno Turchi, hopscotch from calamity to near global catastrophe – clumsily and inadvertently ending up in the crossfire between the feuding sides – as they unravel a web of clues to figure out who’s taking drastic and violent measures to obtain the monster bacteria and what they plan to do with it.

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