Aardwolfe Books is a small, independent publisher of exceptional and distinctive works of fiction and narrative non-fiction.

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Always query and await a response before sending any material. We cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts.

We also provide editing services and e-book reviews for authors, agents, and publishers.

Aardwolfe Books is presently seeking talented editors and book reviewers. Must be well read and have above average composition skills. Email us your qualifications for further details.

"After working with editors for some sixty years, I must say that Aardwolfe Books' editing is as deep and complete as editing can get. The editors went back into the sources of my research, re-read and re-edited the connections between the sources and my work itself. I've never seen anything more scholarly or complete."
Hugh Fox, Prof. Emertius MSU

"My manuscript was not nearly as well honed as I had believed. Aardwolfe Books' first suggestion was a fairly substantial change to the structure and once I had done it, I couldn't understand why I had ever thought the original version could have worked. They saw the holes in the narrative and could explain clearly how to fill them. Their work shows diligence, discipline and creativity. I was dreading the editing process but working with Aardwolfe Books has been rewarding. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an editor."
Matt Carrell, author